About me

I currently work as a user research and information visualization consultant for Fisheries and Oceans Canada within the newly founded State of the Salmon program. I earned a PhD in Psychology from the University of British Columbia in May 2019, where I worked with Catharine Winstanley to study the neuroscience of risky decision making. I also enjoy photographing and writing about the natural world, and occasionally contribute to publications and outdoor brands.

My research interests generally revolve around understanding behaviour, and I enjoy experimental design, data analysis,and information visualization. During my PhD, I specialized in developing experiments to describe, examine and manipulate decision making, especially in the context of risk or uncertainty (like gambling). In my consulting work with the DFO, I work with a small team to understand the needs of fisheries scientists and managers, and build visualizations that help them gain insights into their data and improve their decision making.


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If you’re interested in photos of fish and mountains, rather than data and decision making, you can click through to my Instagram.